Spicing up Bahrain's edition of the ISF event with an <span class = "text-highlight">explosive brand</span>.

As an avid sports fan, I knew I had to put the same passion and energy into this branding as I do when cheering for my favourite teams.

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International School Sport Federation (ISF) is an international non-profit sport organisation, overseeing national school sports bodies worldwide. It coordinates sports and educational events tailored for youth aged 12 to 18.


My team and I were tasked with building a memorable and visually appealing brand identity for ISF Gymnasiade Bahrain 2024 by reflecting the values of ISF and capturing the cultural essence of the Kingdom.

My Contributions

I took the lead in crafting a distinctive logo and building the brand guidelines for the brand. The pillars in the logo convey the four major values of ISF and represents Bahrain as a host nation that is heavily vested in promoting athletic competition amongst its youth. The two main colors of the logo represent the literal translation of "Al Bahrain" meaning the two seas. I collaborated with my teammates in bringing the brand to life through various marketing materials.

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